At Miloni we believe that a natural wood needs a natural protection. That is why our choice of wood finishing products was obvious: only natural oils and waxes. Wood that is covered with oil is electrostatic, breathes and creates hydrophobic coating that makes it stain and detergent resistant. It also gains this pleasant silky touch and a beautiful, natural smell. Oil coating makes the wood attrition proof, prevents it from breaking or chipping off and the wood keeps its natural graining and texture.
Miloni colour palette is based on OSMO company products, the German leader in wood refining coatings production. Such treatment makes the surfaces really easy to maintain and renovate, letting our customers enjoy their beautiful furniture for many years.




00 Gray

Subtle gray color, which allows you to adjust the furniture to any interior. GRAY is inspired by the colour of the wood exposed to the wind and sunlight. It is a neutral shade, perfectly matching other wood kinds and colours. GRAY hue will perfectly harmonize with the  both classic and modern interiors.

Off White

01 Off White

It ligtens the wood's surface. White colour deeply absorbed by the wood pores highlights the natural grain of the wood, resembling a white patina. OFF WHITE tables fit perfectly into various interiors: modern, minimal, Shabby Chic or provence.


02 Pure

This is a kind of wood finishing that protects wood's natural color and pattern due to the special composition of oils. If the wood is provided with the PURE colour finish first, its colour and shade will stay the same through the entire furniture making process: from the raw wood board to the final product, such as a chair or a table.


03 Natural

Those who are looking for traditional wood finishes would love our NATURAL colour finishing option. Coating raw wood with the NATURAL oil wax, we obtained a wetted surface effect.
Saturated and warm colour of the wood perfectly captures the beauty of a natural oak wood.


04 Tobacco

This colour brings out the beauty of any interior. TOBACCO is an excellent choice for connoisseurs of both modern and classical style - for all those who are looking for furniture finished in shades of golden brown and copper.


05 Cacao

Warm dark brown colour obtained by dyeing oak wood with black coloured oil. Just like the traditional dark chocolate, CACAO colour has its own unique flavor, aroma and colour. We recommend CACAO to all those who are looking for a clear deep brown similar to the darkest species of exotic wood.