Oak tree is one of the most valued trees in Poland. Wood extracted from an oak tree is hard and resistant to attrition. One of its unique characteristics is wood grain rich in deep, distinct pores. Processed wood structure is perfect for dyeing, as it becomes darker in pores and a bit brighter on the surface, what brings out the natural beauty of the oaken wood. These attributes combined with the oaken wood longevity are the reasons why the oak is highly valued in the furniture industry.


Oak’s heartwood and sapwood hues are different. Those two wood sections differ not only in colour, but in physical properties, too. Sapwood is not as strong as the heartwood part - it is less mechanically resistant. That is why at Miloni we treat sapwood as a flaw, and use only heartwood elements in the process of making our furniture. There is only a small amount of raw material acquired from forests that forms the final product we hand to our clients. This is due to wood loss during heartwood extraction, difficult process of wood drying and a strict quality selection of the final material. We want to be sure that our client’s interior will be decorated with the finest quality furniture. 

Oak cross-section