MILONI furniture is made of natural wood and requires seasonal cleaning and maintenance. For furniture cleaning we recommend using a damp cloth. Any remaining water should be wiped with a dry cloth. Taking a good care of table top requires using a wood care set that contains a special component that helps to remove the dirt and preserves table the surface layer of the table. Systematic use of the recommended wood care set increases table top's durability and its resistance to liquids and dirt.

Wood Care Set

The set includes:
- 200 ml of wood cleaning and conserving product for surfaces with wax oil finish
- Cotton cloths for product application
- Information on how to use Wood Care Set


In case of table top's mechanical damage or the need for refreshing its colour, use a special MILONI Wood Renovation Set. NOTE: Please note that the wood should be treated with the same kind of wax oil that the table was originally treated with. Before ordering the suitable renovation mixture, please contact MILONI (order@miloni.pl) in order to determine the right wax oil colour. You will find more information on how to use Wood Renovation Set here (link).

Wood Renovation Set

The set includes:
- 200 ml of oil wax (coloured according to MILONI tables colour pallette)
- 200 ml of hard wax oil
- Cotton cloths for product application
- Rubber gloves for comfort and safety improvement
- 2 sheets of P120 sandpaper
- 2 sheets of P 400 to 600 sandpaper
- Information on how to use the products
- Information on how to renovate MILONI wooden table tops