From the very beginning we knew well what would be the characteristics of MILONI: natural wood and best quality. These are our main priorities in furniture designing and manufacturing. We believe that such an approach, supported by a professional customer service, assures the brand stability on the market despite global economy fluctuations. The main thing about MILONI is natural oak. This noble material, however, requires a very strict selection and adequate preparation before tooling. This basically means, that just a small percentage of purchased wood makes a good material for our furniture production. The highest quality of our products confirmes also the fact, that we do not use glue along wood elements lenght. This means that the table top planks are made of one wood piece along the whole table lenght, exposing the natural beauty of the wood. To protect and care for the wood we use the highest quality German oils and waxes. All fittings, metal components and connecting parts are produced by the best makers on the European market. This combination of the best materials and professional production process allows us to offer products of the highest quality possible. 


MILONI quality label