At MILONI the finest quality materials and the best workmanship come first. While designing our furniture, we do not seek a compromise. In the process of creating our products we aim for an extraordinary look that boldly mixes various materials and forms together, so that the end result would be unconventional and elegant. Our tables are made of the highest quality components, but at the same time they have very reasonable prices. 
Wooden elements are finished with natural oils and waxes that meet European standards allowing them to come into contact with food (in accordance with EN 1186 part 5/14), or to be used in children toys production (according to EN71-3). Therefore our table tops and other wood components are not only safe to use, but also easy to maintain and renovate. We designed special Care and Renovation sets for our wooden tables to help you enjoy your beautiful piece of furniture for many years.
Miloni table tops are made entirely of the plywood or laminated multilayer lamella. This means that there are no wood joints along the entire table top, which significantly affect the aesthetics of the product while providing the stability of the table in use.
At the request of our clients we can make changes to our standard offer products or produce furniture according to the custom projects. We have got a very well equipped machinery workshop and large supply of seasoned high-quality oak, so that we can provide short lead times.