DECO - subtle elegance.

Modernity & style. Wood & steel.

FRAME is a modern table
with an oak top based
on aluminium legs.
Its simple design
is a perfect fit for
modernist interiors.

Electric lift table.
Innovative, convenient and multifunctional.
Raise your comfort level with ROBO.

Fly - table that is light and inspiring.
Get your space a new expression.

Wide table-top planks, small knags
and a wild edge formed by nature itself.
This is WILD.

Solid oak wood and large table legs
sections form a solid table
with a simple, stable shape.
BLOX table fits into any interior type.

Elegant oak table with avant-garde shape.
We took the advantage of almost limitless
possibilities of forming natural wood, and
we created a table that suits very well modern
as well as classic interiors.

Round table made of solid oak. Undercut table-top
is based firmly on four taper legs. Perfect proportions
harmonize gently with the beauty of natural wood.

Design your own table. Various shapes of legs and diverse
colours allow you to create your own living room table
as well as the kitchen table. Creativity is on your side!

Natural wood
Natural finish
Unique design
Custom projects
Short lead times


MILONI is a brand that offers wooden tables of unique design and fine crafted details. By wooden tables we mean tables that are made100% of pure wood. Our tables are perfect for dining room, salon and any other space. Our offer includes also modern tables, which are a bold combination of wood and steel or aluminium. Most of our standard offer tables and also those being made to order can be produced as folding tables or custom-sized according to our clients wishes.